2019-ongoing: University of Southampton, Department of Archaeology: BA modules: Living with the Romans (y3), The Power of Rome (y2), Ancient and Medieval Worlds (y1), and Consuls, Dictators and Emperors (y1).

2014-2017: Aarhus University, Department of Classical Archaeology: MA (Kandidat) modules: The Dance of Theory in Classical Archaeology; and The (eastern) Mediterranean in Prehistory: Boundaries, Material, Connectivity and Ideas.

2014: University of Cambridge International Programmes in Continuing Education: Ancient Empires Summer School. Module on ‘Religions in the Graeco-Roman World’.

2010-2013: University of Cambridge, Faculty of Classics: I taught undergraduate supervisions in Art and Archaeology (1st and 2nd year), History in Classics (2nd year) and Transformation of the Roman World (3rd year).

2009: University of Exeter/study tour of Southeast Turkey: With Professor Stephen Mitchell, I led a study tour of the archaeology of southeast Turkey, exploring the history of the region from the Hittite period through to late antiquity.

2005-2009: Universität Münster/Dülük Baba Tepesi, Gaziantep, Turkey: As a trench supervisor on the German excavations of the temple of Jupiter Dolichenus (Dülük Baba Tepesi), I co-ordinated Turkish workmen, and instructed German students in the practicalities of excavation and recording – including planning, section drawing, context sheets etc.

2005-2006: University of Exeter, Department of Classics & Ancient History: 1st-2nd year Archaeology and Ancient History undergraduate course, Roman Society and Politics, through material culture. We examined Etruscan funerary monuments, identity in Pompeiian houses, the sculptural programme of Herodes Atticus at Olympia and the transitional pagan to Christian period.


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