Select Presentations

February 2015. Classical Studies Research Programme lecture series, invited speaker, Aarhus University. Epigraphy, religion, and social networks: the cult of Jupiter Dolichenus in the Roman Empire
November 2014. The Social in the Past, invited speaker at conference at the Theology faculty, Oslo University. The Local Worship of Jupiter Dolichenus in Syria, and the Coming of Rome
October 2014. Workshop on network analysis, cognitive science and historiography, invited speaker, Masaryk University, Brno.
October 2013. A Thousand Worlds: Network Models in Archaeology, invited speaker, Durham University.
December 2012. Rome in Bloomsbury lecture series, invited speaker, Birkbeck College, University of London.
November 2012. Departmental Research Seminar, invited speaker, VU Amsterdam.
April 2012. Multiple Mediterranean Realities: Spaces, Resources and Connectivity, invited speaker, Rühr-Universität Bochum.
January 2012. Ethnicity in the World of the Ancient Mediterranean, invited speaker, University of Pennsylvania. (I could not attend in person due to family reasons, but my presentation was read on my behalf).
September 2011. Sacred Ways research network, invited contributor, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.
April 2011. Cults and Cult Centres in the Roman Near East, invited speaker, Durham University.
April 2010. Society for American Archaeology annual conference, invited speaker in session on Network Theory and Archaeology, Missouri.This will be published in an edited volume in 2011.
February 2010. Colloquium on Jupiter Dolichenus, invited speaker, Universität Münster. This will be published in an edited volume in 2011.
July 2009. InterFace Humanities/Technology colloquium, University of Southampton.
June 2009. End of EmpiresClassical Association of Scotland conference, Edinburgh.
May 2009. British Institute at Ankara/Turkish-British Association, invited speaker.
January 2009. Archaeology Graduate Seminar, University of California, Berkeley.
January 2009. Archaeological Institute of America AGM, Philadelphia.
December 2008. Theoretical Archaeology Group conference, Southampton.
November 2008. Classics Interdisciplinary Seminar, University of Cambridge.
April 2008. Lectures on Everything’ invited speaker, (general public audience) Bridport.
May 2006. Networks in the Mediterranean World conference, Rethymno, Crete.

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