Connected Past at the SAAs in Hawaii!

The Connected Past returns: with a session at the Society for American Archaeology AGM in Hawaii this April 4th 2013! It looks to be a great session, with talks by Mark Golitko and Gary Feinman, Herb Maschner, Jennifer Dunne and Spencer Wood, Ethan Cochrane, Shawn Graham, Barbara Mills, Matthew Peeples, Wm. R. Haas, Jr., Lewis Borck, and Jeffery Clark, Tom Brughmans, Simon Keay and Graeme Earl, Tim Kohler, Stefani Crabtree and Michael Berry, Angus Mol, Corinne Hofman and Menno Hoogland, Fiona Coward and Koji Mizoguchi.  In the chair will be Ian Hodder.

I’m very disappointed that I can’t be there myself…but if you’ll be in Hawaii then get along to hear some great papers! More details here:


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