The world has warmed up, and the garden is a morass of new life: the crocuses I planted in November have sprung up everywhere, the bluebells are almost ready to start pushing up their flowers (early this year!) and the various other bulbs that I can’t remember the names of all seem to be doing well. It’s such a pleasure to do quiet garden jobs, seed-planting, pruning, re-planting – in the vestiges of afternoon sunshine, with the blue tits bringing scraps of moss and twig and fluff for their nest in the nest box on the not-quite-blossoming cherry tree, and the next-door neighbour’s cat batting diligently at flies. The baby in my belly wriggles and kicks, as though it too wants to bat at flies.

One thought on “spring

  1. Hi Anna

    It was lovely to bump into you in town today. I tried to locate you on FB but no joy but found your blog. Fascinating about the Mongol Rally. I was really tempted last year but then got pregnant! It’d be lovely to hear all about it over a coffee. I’m on FB as Alison Stockham or on alisonelm@yahoo.co.uk x

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