gardening: or, work avoidance

I’m not a great gardener at all, in fact, I rather chop-and-change with the jobs I’m doing – e.g. clearing the shed, stop, pick up secateurs and do random pruning, stop, do some weeding, stop, pack up some apples for storage, stop, put up some pictures, stop, check the state of my vegetable patch (desolate), stop, prune a bit more hedge, stop, think about compost, stop, look at some stripey spiders…and so on. But I love it, and how gentle and relaxing it is, even when it’s seriously tough work shifting earth or chopping bits of tree off. It was a lovely, warm, sunny afternoon, there was a black and white cat sitting on a shed roof, surrounded by licks of jasmine, staring longingly at a pigeon in a tree, and the sound of an ice-cream van in a neighbouring street.

However. I should have been working, so Friday evening, here I am at the computer, again. But I think it’s worth the trade-off.

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